The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is an international competition for youth-led projects that encourage the active participation of young people under 30 years of age in the emerging information society. It is intended to be a global 'youth for youth' initiative for selecting and promoting best practice in e-content and technological creativity, demonstrating young people's potential to create digital opportunities.

The WSYA lies within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Additionally, the winners will be celebrated at the World Summit Award Gala at the WSIS.

The WSYA categories are the following:

  • Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease
  • Education for All
  • Power 2 Women
  • Create your Culture
  • Go Green
  • Pursue Truth

The product should be fully functional and operational at the time of submission; projects which do not function will not be juried. It must be accessible over the internet (whether it is designed for fixed line, broadband, or mobile use). It must be free of offensive or plagiarised content - contents which violate dignity or human rights will not be evaluated.
Criteria evaluation will be based on:

  • Content: Quality, comprehensiveness and impact of content and relevance for MDGs.
  • Design: Usability, navigation and aesthetic value of layout and graphics
  • Innovation & Creativity: Demonstration of significant originality and initiative
  • Interactivity: Level of engagement and action offered to site users
  • Sustainability: Project survival over time
  • Strategic value: Get action on reaching one of the eight MDGs

The winners will gather for an event drawing together committed and creative young people from around the world.

Deadline Date
Deadline Date: 
July 15, 2013
Application Info: 

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Previous Winners: 

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