1. Mishal Lang CanWest Canadian Magazine reporter in Kandahar by Mine.
2. Roperd Hammer Sunday Mirror Newspaper reporter in Helmand by Mine.
3. Abdul Majid Babi Kandahar information and Culture directorate by Taliban.
4. Sayed Hamid Noori Journalists Union Deputy, Kabul by Unknown.

1. Taj Gul Aljazeera TV reporter in Ghazni, by Taliban.
2. Jowhan Silva New York Times reporter, in Kandahar by Bomb.

1. Abdul Jamil Spand Ariana TV Reporter in Kandahar, by Coalition forces.
2. Hewad Local TV reporter in Kandahar , by Coalition forces
3. Mohammad Yasin Yasin Pashton Ghak radio manager in Paktika by government authorities.
4. Rahmatullah Nikzad, Aljazeera reporter in Ghazni by foreign forces.
5. Mohammad Nadir, Aljazeera Reporter in Kandahar by foreign forces.
6. Hujatullah Mujadidi Saba TV broadcast manager, kapisa by government authorities.
7. Mali Khan Yaqubi Salamwatendar reporter in Khost by NATO forces.

1. Four staffs of Radio Zohra in Kunduz by unknown people.
2. Haroon, Bahar Radio staff in Kapisa by Police.
3. Abdul Karim Sadiqi, Taban TV manager, Herat by Unknown people.
4. Staff of Taban TV, Herat by Unknown People.
5. Staff of Taban TV, Herat by Unknown People.
6. Abdul Waris Hasrat, Nai Reporter in Kabul, by presidential guard.
7. Mutiullah Hamidy Noorin TV reporter in Kabul by Police.
8. Noorin TV Cameraman in Kabul by Police.
9. Shafiqullah Afghan, Afghan TV reporter in Kabul by Police.
10. Fahim Najib, Afghan TV cameraman in Kabul by Police.
11. Torially Hemat Kellid Radio Reporter in Jalalabad by governor guards.
12. Obaid Ormer Tolo TV reporter in Logar by Prison Guard.
13. Mohammad Farooq Azizi, One TV Reporter in Kabul by security forces.
14. Naman , Noor TV reporter in Kunduz by police
15. Unknown. Information not available.
16. Unknown. Information not available.
1. Kazoka Tasinoka Japanese Journalists Kunduz - Baghlan Highway by Unknown.
1. Najia Khodayar, Radio Zohra Manager, Kunduz by unknown people.
2. Ghulam Mohammad Masomi, Lemar TV reporter, Kandahar, by unknown people.
3. Nadim Ghori, Sam Newspaper Manager, in Ghor by Municipality authorities.
4. Munir Ahmad Hadaf, Tasweer Weekly Manager, in Takhar by Takhar local authorities.
5. Maqsood Aziz Zai, Pajhwak Reporter in Logar by insurgents.
6. Aziz Ahmad Tasil IWPR Reporter in Kabul by Taliban.
7. 12 Reporters of Different media in Ghazni by Coalition forces.
8. Ahmad Jawid Salim, Bahar Radio Manager in Kapisa by local government authorities.
9. Noor Agha Sharifi, Radio Darman Manager in Jawzjan by unknown people.
10. Radio Darman Announcer in Jawzjan by unknown People.
11. Radio Darman Reporter in Jawzjan by unknown People.
12. Habib Rahman Ibrahimi, Brikhlik Weekly Reporter in Maidan Wardak by Governor.
13. Mohammad Naim Nikzad Kellid Radio manager in Herat by Court director.
14. Shafiqullah Ghaznawin TV reporter in Ghazni Public Hospital director.
15. Sibghatullah Timor Kellid Radio Reporter in Takhar by Unknown people.
16. Fahim Haidary Radio Kellid reporter in Kabul by one of Kabul parliament candidate’s observers.
17. Malyar Sadiq Azad, Kellid Radio Reporter in Kabul by unknown people.
18. Abdul Wahid Ahmad Kellid Radio Reporter in Mazar-e-Sharif by government authorities.
19. Nasir Ahmad Behzad Kellid Radio Reporter in Bamyan by Security Authorities.
20. Shakila Ibrahim Khil, Tolo TV reporter in Kabul by Parliament candidates.
21. Parwin Tolo TV camerawoman in Kabul by Parliament candidates.
22. Mustafa Andalib Reporter in Ghazni by Unknown People.
23. Nahid Nazary One TV reporter in Kabul by Security officers.
24. Anwar Mohammadi Nigah TV News director in Kabul by Nigah TV director.
25. Ayat Arshia Nigha TV Editor in Kabul by Nigah TV director.
26. Jawad Hosaini Nigah TV News Editor by Nigah TV director.
27. Atiqullah Nazary Mehr TV manager in Takhar by Takhar military court director.
28. Unknown. Information not available.

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