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This course will provide participants with the foundations in contemporary mass communication theories and concepts alluding to effective planning and designing of communication material employed in development practice.

The course explores various communication theories, models, and case studies and engages participants in team projects related to communication for social change. It will prepare participants to understand the art and science of effective communication, and provide a comprehensive view to the research-based process of implementing communication strategies.

Participants will be able to identify the role of communication in realizing development projects, establish goals to support projects, understand the importance of formative research and the use or research in communication planning, execute the appropriate steps to communicative strategies based on the needs of the target population, write technical proposals, and incorporate theoretical principles from the social sciences, humanities, and marketing fields to plan and execute development goals.

The course is comprised of three modules:

  1. Introduction to behavior change theories and communication for social change
  2. Planning and implementation of strategic communication
  3. Completion of an applied research project.
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