I'm going to send two group posts which came in as comments for a discussion thread here. I'm also going to post some follow information to your email via broadcast email. My apologies if this is too much information on gender, education and HIV, but I think that there is a very valid point from contributor kalewakids now under consideration among us about the role of parents in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education - and I include HIV prevention education in SRH. Here is what Geopatra sent us...well worth a look: "This study, done by Elizabeth Levy Paluck, is a good one: http://betsylevypaluck.com/Paluck%20Ball%20IRC%20Social%20Norms%20Marketing%20Long.pdf There are some good examples of programs that used a combination of social norms and gender sensitivity education to combat intimate partner violence in various countries. As you said, very little in the way of solid evaluation has been done on efficacy, but two take-aways from this paper is the fact that kids/teens should take an active part in the dissemination/creation of the material in order for it to be credible/effective. Of course it depends on the age of the "children" you are seeking to reach. Hope this is helpful."

I have found youth-creating-SRH materials information for you and will include it in my broadcast email.