Melissa Loudon
Publication Date
Publication Date: 
October 14, 2011
Securing your Mobile Email

This article from Safer Mobile, a project of, was written to help activists, human rights defenders, and journalists use safe email as a more secure and reliable alternative to other forms of mobile communication, such as texting and plain text emails.  The following topic areas are discussed in more detail:

  • Remembering basic email security precautions and vulnerabilities - password, deletion, spam, and viruses;
  • Enabling TLS (Transport Layer Security, SSL - Security Secure Sockets Layer) for all email, and making sure your email provider supports it;
  • Encrypting your email to certain contacts using OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions); and 
  • Using a web-based encrypted email provider, such as Hushmail.

This article is part of the information and tools provided by, a network and resource on the use of mobile technology for social impact. "We provide data, information about software tools, and tactical how-to resources in a peer network of practitioners and technologists so that anyone who wants to use mobile tech to make the world a better place can indeed do so."


Email from to The Communication Initiative on November 16 2011. Image credit: Bennett Office Technologies website