National University of Rwanda, School of Public Health, Kigali, Rwanda

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AfriComNet has developed a complete 5-day training-of-trainers course on Research Monitoring & Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Communication Programs. The course is premised on core competencies and standards of practice toward the certification of strategic communication practitioners.

The primary objective is to develop capacity in strategic communication for health and development. This course consists of 14 modules including the following:

Module 1: Getting Started
Module 2: Overview of Monitoring & Evaluation of Communication Interventions and Programmes
Module 3: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Communication Programmes and Interventions
Module 4: Overview of the Research Process
Module 5: Writing an Evaluation Proposal
Module 6: Research Designs
Module 7: The Contexts of Communication Research
Module 8: The Ethical Context of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
Module 9: Sampling Designs
Module 10: Designing Data Collection Tools
Module 11: Fieldwork in Research and Evaluation
Module 12: Tabulation and Analysis of Research or Evaluation Data
Module 13: Writing and Disseminating a Research Report
Module 14: Using Research and Evaluation Findings

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