Draft concept for WJR press pass24 October 2011 //0Current press passes do not feature web2 connectivity or interactivity, which may assist news media increase transparency and promote accountability.Picture credit “Press Pass. . .NEWS DRAFTGlobal press passes may be a first step towards restoring news media credibility, badly damaged in scandals spreading across the world from London and Delhi.“With freedom comes responsibility, and the time has come for journalists to reclaim their profession and fight news media corruption”, says WJR editor Jason Brown.The WJR draft concept proposes an open-source style, web2 profile accompany each press pass, guaranteeing instant transparency and public accountability.Working title for this draft concept is the WJR Global Press Pass.Brown says the concept needs wide input and fine tuning to get to the next stage or beta phase.He plans to ask volunteer members of JiCC, the Journalism in Crisis Coalition, to raise awareness and promote industry and public feedback in a global drafting process.“Mashable online content means web2 transparency and crowd-sourced accountability in real-time, using real-people, real-world skills as basic as email, or … whatever, basically.”News media currently include independent freelancers, professional mainstream reporters and editors, citizen journalists, public relations officials and NGO communications workers.“And, less happily, propagandists masquerading as fair and balanced news reporters.” WJR and JiCC assume as founding positions that the Global Journalism Crisis predates the Global Financial Crisis.Collapsing ethics and editorial firewalls across mainstream media since the Watergate era leave the news media open to criticism that they failed as a profession, and an industry, to expose global corruption including the sub-prime meltdown and the so-called War on Terror.“If we want to be taken seriously as the fourth estate, journalists must step up and hold themselves answerable to codes of ethic, backed up with industry codes of conduct, independent ombudsmen, and other media accountability systems.”“A WJR Press Pass will utilise open-source web2 approaches and advanced transparency concepts to compile a global register of journalists willing to step up and hold themselves accountable to national, regional and international codes of ethics.”. . .LINKhttp://worldjournalismreview.org/2011/10/24/draft-concept-for-wjr-press-pass/