Author: Mukeya Liwena, October 6 2013       Mungu Fm 88.5 MHZ - The Heartbeat & Voice of Southern Africa - is a growing community-based media organization which began operating in Mongu, Western province of Zambia, in July 2013.

This new radio station is specifically located on the fifth floor at Napsa building in Mongu the provincial capital of Western Province about six hundred kilometers away west of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. Mungu Fm will be the third one to be established in this province, which has been rated as the leading region in terms of poverty and underdevelopment by the government. Poverty levels in this province for the last twenty years have been around 80% or more, thus affecting other countries in the area.

Recognizing the influence and power of not just radio but community-based radio among the people of not only Western province of Zambia but Southern Africa as a whole, the founder of this project thought it wise to create a communication channel or vehicle that will be dedicated to the dissemination of relevant and up to date information on cross cutting issues in social, cultural, religious, economics, sports among many others pulling the southern Africa regions development behind. Specifically, the radio station will produce and air different types of radio programs as well as news on a 24-hours basis focusing for example on the millennium development goals (MDGs) including other strategies and initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty and underdevelopment in our countries/ region.

The first countries targeted in Southern Africa will include Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland South Africa and Zambia. The main reason for choosing those seven countries to begin with is that they share similar cultures and tradition, as well as the three local languages spoken, being Situana, Sisutu and Silozi. English will also be used, and it was thought that embracing those mentioned languages might be the beginning of regional integration as wished by regional organizations such as SADC [Southern African Development Community]; also, communication and access to information will be relatively easy and, as such, the station looks forward to working with the regional body in furthering the same.

Furthermore, Mungu Fm will embrace the views and voices, concerns and comments of both the elite and illiterate people, such as the women, youth, children the elderly as well as the disabled living in its target countries to interact through radio, and find solutions to their challenges. The ordinary [economically] poor people living in rural remote communities where they rarely see microphones and note books and pens before them will be afforded an opportunity to exercise their fundamental human right of access to information and communication in line with article 20 of the universal declaration of human rights. On the other hand will be the elite living in the urban communities of our countries. These programs will be interactive as well as encourage active participation in many ways. For example, one magazine program is called "Southern Africa - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Mungu Fm Radio 88.5 MHZ- The Heartbeat & Voice of Southern Africa- is a huge project which requires different stakeholders to urgently come on board and play multiple roles as well as put their ideas and resources together with the founders in order to implement this vision aimed at transforming the Southern African Region through the use of radio, which is still religiously followed as a traditional means of accessing relevant and up-to-date information to help  make decision as well as actively participate in development discussions.

Mungu Fm is set to begin full broadcasting online by this month - end 2013. To all development stakeholders, journalists and others organizations as well as individuals willing to contribute to the development of Southern African region beginning with Western Zambia forging forward, this is the best time to partner with us. Moreover for those of you already working in our target countries or intend to do so we urgently look forward to communicating with you on how we combine efforts.

Mukeya Liwena, Chief Executive Officer and founder  or mobile 0969950638