In 2007, the New York City (NYC) Department of Health introduced the ‘NYC Condom’—a Lifestyles® condom with a ‘NYC’ logo. Few studies have evaluated attitudes toward or distribution of the ‘NYC Condom’ among men who have sex with men (MSM)—a population at increased risk for HIV/STIs. 148 MSM completed a survey about their exposure to, use of, and experiences using the ‘NYC Condom.’ The majority (93.2 %) had seen the ‘NYC Condom;’ 82.4 % of said men had used it. Among MSM who used it, 82.1 % rated it average or above. Exposure did not statistically differ by race/ethnicity, HIV status, gay or barebacker identification, or sex role. Use was neither significantly associated with demographic characteristics nor recruitment source, suggesting distributional success in reaching various sub-populations of MSM. Among those who had not used the ‘NYC Condom,’ 22.2 % reported size or quality concerns, suggesting a demand for alternative prevention campaigns.