Short presentation

Maria Cheung, Ph.D in Economics from the Department of Economics at Stockholm University. Her research areas of interest are development economics and applied econometrics, with a special focus on educational and health issues as well as related policy questions. Before joining the PhD program at Stockholm University, she served as a long-term intern at the United Nations Development Programme in Indonesia working with poverty issues and community development. Recent work investigates the impact of being exposed to “edutainment” radio on women’s status and primary education in Cambodia.

Research interests
•Development Economics
•Applied Microeconomics
•Political Economics
•Public Economics

Working papers

“Edutainment Radio, Women's Status and Primary School Participation: Evidence from Cambodia”, Stockholm University, Working Paper, 2012:5

“The Impact of a Food For Education Program on Schooling in Cambodia”, Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, Seminar Paper No 766 (with Maria Perrotta)

“Who Benefits from Reduced Cost of Education? Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Cambodia”, Institute for International Economic Studies, 2011 (with Andreas Madestam, and Jakob Svensson)