Launched in August 2013, Make e flow (Make it flow) is a 13-part radio drama series designed to raise awareness of water, sanitation, and hygiene issues across Nigeria. Broadcast weekly, the drama was produced in Pidgin English, which is spoken widely in the country, cutting across ethnic and socio-economic divides, to ensure its messages have the maximum reach and impact. Make e Flow is a project of WaterAid Nigeria.

Communication Strategies: 

WaterAid Nigeria produced Make e flow to not only increase awareness of water, sanitation, and hygiene issues, but also inform and empower people to demand their rights to these essential services. The drama is designed to reach out to a mass audience, with the overall goal of working towards having every Nigerian enjoying access to safe water and sanitation, and practising good hygiene. The drama is broadcast at 12pm every Thursday in Abuja on 99.5 Wazobia FM, and on 94.5 BRC FM in Bauchi state, and 90.5 Peace FM in Plateau state.

In episode one, Abu and his classmates are always late to school because they have to walk a long distance to collect clean water. Their teachers always send them away for coming late. Abu's father complains to the principal about his son's frequent lateness blaming it on the lack of water in the community and they both set up a group to meet with the Chairman of the community to tell him about the problems they face due to lack of water. The chairman then assures them that a borehole.

In episode two, the women have to go to a neighbouring community to collect water and are never involved in the community development meetings. In these meetings different priorities are discussed, none of which is the need for water in the community. However, this need is addressed when the committee decides to involve the women in decision making.

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Development Issues: 

Water and Sanitation


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