Reporter: Maryam Ghamgusar

Translation from Dari to English: AJ&V Team

I was waiting in Balkh province Women Department affairs directorate to interview with the director while a pallid woman who seems very alone, tired, wretched, desperate and violated by the name of Bigum came. She was in very bad mode with old cloths, around 40 years’ old age and still not married. Bigum is one of the bad traditions victims.
The sad and sorrowful face of Bigum interested me to talk to her and know what really is her problem? With all stammering and hesitations, she finally wanted to share her story with me. Bigum with the tearful eyes and trembling hands told me she don’t want to marry, but her cruel brother follower of Afghan bad tradition sold her to an old man twice older than her.
Bigum says, “After she refused to marry with Shah Qul 70 years’ old man, her brother and two member of his family has brought Shah Qul home and put them in a dark room locking back, to compulsory make her to accept the marriage, Shah Qul were using forces and torture to make her accept the marriage.
Her face was stamped black with the punches of old crazy man, parts of her head were bald due to the gorilla man attack using her hair as rein to control her, Bigum says “the man tried to rape me but I didn’t let him with loud shouting and interfere of other women including my brother wife, who finally came to rescue me from the dark hell room”
Bigum is the first woman of Kaldar village of Mazar-e-Sharif among all the violated women who came to Balkh Province Women directorate trying to get her rights.
Bigum with weepy eyes, narrate her life story “My father died and I was orphan near my uncle, from childhood he forced me to knit carpets, until now and for a long time as a lifelong I was working as a machine of money making for my uncle and his family, and they refusing all people who came to marry me, when I became very weak and couldn’t make money for them, they learned after that I am a useless body to them including my own brother they tried to sell me to an old man for a handful of money”
At the time I was hearing her story she was hitting her both hands to her head and telling me she is tired of life , and if the government don’t pay attention to her case she will kill herself on the street.
Bigum is one of the thousand Afghan girls facing such kind of problems, every day at life.