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Hi - as someone who is part of the Soul Beat/Drum Beat network and who is engaged in malaria action a quick update re a process and two meetings that may be of interest in case you were not aware.

They relate to preparation for Round 11 proposals/applications to the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria. This info from the Roll Back Malaria site

Harmonization Working Group (HWG) - Global Fund round 11 orientation meeting: 17-19 August, in Nairobi, KENYA

HWG Global Fund round 11 mock TRP: 26-28 October, in Nairobi, KENYA TBC

"The Harmonization Working Group (HWG) facilitates and harmonizes partners' support in response to countries identified needs and supports the establishment of the 'three ones' principles for malaria (one coordinating mechanism; one plan and one monitoring and evaluation system) at country level". (from RBM site)

OK - just a quick heads-up - sorry this is a little late but only just became aware ourselves. See RBM site for more details.

If you are attending the meeting this week perhaps you can share some insights and ideas.

NB Please do not reply to this email. Email me at with any questions, etc.

Thanks - Warren

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