I wanted to point to a discussion group within this network that is working on the use of this medium for further the rights of journalists: Journalism In Crisis Coalition http://groups.comminit.com/node/310152
You can join this group and read a very compelling message from Afghani journalist Malik Faisal Moonzajer "Traditional People, Wild government & innocent Journalists" and comments he received from his posting. http://groups.comminit.com/node/325579

The question I have, and please post if you would care to respond: What is a 'next step' in this posting process? I am aware of organisations that mount massive letter writing campaigns to individuals or governments, but in this situation, the leaders are the problem and unlikely to be sympathetic to outside pressure. This is not an unusual situation in cases of human rights abuse. Suggestions from any of you on going the step from internet facilitated awareness to action? log in and post here: http://groups.comminit.com/node/add/og_post?gids[]=302317
Julie Levy