One key component in HIV prevention is serostatus disclosure. Until recently, many studies have focused on interpersonal factors and minimally considered meeting venues as they pertain to disclosure. Using data (N = 3,309) from an online survey conducted across 16 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas, we examined whether HIV serodisclosure varies by online/offline meeting venues in both protected and unprotected anal intercourse encounters. Most of the sample (76.9 %) reported meeting men for sex (last 90 days) both online and offline, versus 12.7 % offline only and 10.4 % online only. After controlling for other variables, we found that the men who meet partners in both online and offline were 20~30 % more likely to report disclosing their HIV status prior to sex than men who met their partners exclusively either offline or online. While previous studies have identified the Internet as a risk environment, our findings suggest bi-environmental partner seeking may also have beneficial effects.