>Md Abdur Rashid Sikder is an Urban & Regional Urban Planner and awarded MURP degree from BUET in 1992 with his major education in Agricultural Economics (BAU). I have had a complementary mix of expertise both in government and NGO sector.   

My field of specialization includes institutional development (NGO sector), writing project proposal on Non-Formal Education, Vocational Training, WASH, Disaster Preparedness and Adaptation to climate change in agriculture, fund raising,Program Planning, Fund Raising, Organization Development, Project Proposal writing: WASH, Health Hyiegine and Non-Formal Education

Possessing an Expertise in writing scientific reports backed by socio-economic data collection process, data analysis, designing questionnaire and those of study sampling techniques

Long experience in handling large quantitative data set and proficient knowledge on qualitative data analysis, hands on practice in Geographical Information System and preparation of digital map using attribute data and superimposing of classified data set.