Highlight Your Training Courses and Events


Many organisations - perhaps yours is one - conduct fee-based training courses, conferences, roundtables, and other kinds of meetings. To be successful, these experiences require that relevant people are aware of them and hopefully attend and participate. Such events often provide much needed revenue for the organisations hosting and organsing them.


The Communication Initiative network of 90,000 people and 1 million users per annum across all development issues, strategies, and countries provides a venue to advertise and promote these training courses and other events. 70% of The CI network are in non-OECD countries. As this is a network with a significant percentage of communicators and media people, there is good additional coverage - those folks communicate to their networks and staff teams. 


There are three main CI activities to highlight training courses and other events: a Training, Conferences, Meetings theme site; the main Classifieds site; and inclusion in the bi-weekly Classifieds e-magazine to the network. All submissions also flow through The Communication Initiative Facebook page and Twitter account. 


You can submit your training courses and other events here or contact Victoria Martin to submit your information, ask questions, or raise any issues. The costs are as follows:

Individual ad - US$200

Pack of 5 ads - US$875

Pack of 10 ads - US$1,500

Pack of 20 ads - US$2,000


With thanks for considering and many best wishes for all your training courses and other meetings and events.


Warren Feek
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