Best wishes to everyone and many thanks if you have contributed to the extensive debate in this group, were part of one of the very insightful consultation meetings, have followed the dialogue and/or will attend the all parties meeting to consider the global mechanism priorities, structure and next steps on June 27th and 28th, 2017 in New York, hosted by UNICEF.

Derived from the extensive consultations we have developed a draft paper - Development Calling - Options for the development of a global mechanism to advance the scale and effectiveness of communication, media, social and behaviour change strategies and action related to local, national, regional, and international development priorities. This paper will be the major focus of the all parties meeting in New York. The links to the sections of that report follow below.

We would very much welcome your comments and questions on the draft paper:

1. How do you assess the analysis that commences the paper?

2. Which priority and structure options do you prefer and why?

3. Are there other priority and structure options that you would propose?

Your comments and suggestions will be extremely valuable as we move forward this process to a set of decisions and consequent action. In order to participate either complete the comments form at the bottom of each link below or simply reply to this email

The sections of the paper can be reviewed and commented at these links:

Development Calling - Introduction, Purpose, Stimulus, Consultation (draft)

Development Calling - Worries, Opportunities, Priorities, and Core Question (draft)

Development Calling - The Options - Specific Problems on Which to Focus (draft)

Development Calling - The Options - Operating Mechanisms (draft)

Development Calling - Structural and Funding Base - and Conclusion (draft)

Just to quickly repeat the comments options: Complete the comments form at the bottom of each link above or click the New Thread link above or simply reply to this email. 

Thanks - your comments will be extremely important as we seek to reach decisions and take action.

Warren (and on behalf of Rafael)