Developing Radio Partners (DRP) is a US-based non-profit media development organisation that works with local radio stations in developing countries, providing them with the skills they need to bring reliable information to those who need it most.

DRP supports both media development (building strong media as an end in itself) and media for development (using media to support specific development topics). DRP gives particular attention to the key development topics of environment, climate change, agriculture, health, and governance. We are focused on practical solutions, things that work in a community to improve their own circumstances.

DRP’s Approach

DRP develops local radio stations into an organized force for development.  DRP works alongside the radio station staff members and takes a “listen first” rather than “top down” approach to our work.

Since our founding, DRP has worked in eight countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.  DRP is currently working on a yearlong project on climate change in Zambia and is starting a 12-month project on population growth in Malawi. DRP is completing a one year project in Nigeria where it helped establish six Information and Resource Centers in the Niger Delta.

Healthy Stations Training

DRP’s comprehensive training program provides station staff with the skills they need to run a healthy radio station. Each curriculum, which is customized to meet the specific needs of the stations, covers the following five topics: station management, programming, journalism, community engagement, and evaluation. Healthy stations make healthy communities.

Good Ideas Resource Center

DRP is focused on solutions that work. The Good Ideas Resource Center (RC) brings DRP’s expertise and approaches to community radio stations and media professionals around the world as a tool for development.  The RC is focused on finding & sharing proven solutions to core issues, such as environment, health, agriculture and governance.

Media Assessments

DRP also conducts assessments of the media landscape—local, regional, and countrywide—for international development organizations interested in growing media coverage, content, and professionalism in developing countries.

DRP Background

DRP’s origins are in founder Bill Siemering’s first-hand experience and research in media development. After 20-plus years of experience in public radio management and program development in the U.S., Bill received a MacArthur Foundation fellowship in 1993 that afforded him an opportunity to turn his attention elsewhere in the world. From 1994 – 2004, he worked as a consultant and staff member with the Open Society Institute to develop independent media in new democracies. From his experiences working with local radio stations in countries such as Mongolia, South Africa, and Sierra Leone, Bill witnessed their tremendous potential as a positive force for community development; however, Bill also saw firsthand that radio’s full potential as a community development tool was largely unrealized.

Vice President and Managing Director, Charles Rice brings more than 15 years of experience at the Associated Press to DRP. He has also spent more than a dozen years managing media development projects in Central Asia, the Caucasus’, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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