Here is a comment from kdevries that leads to multiple materials for you: "This interesting exchange brought to mind a past issue (October 2008) of The Drum Beat which focused on the theme of "Conversations with Youth": It includes a few items that might be useful to parents seeking to spark dialogue with their children."

I also want to thank Samantha Gray who wrote about a material that neither of us can find online. Please let us know if you can track it for us: "You're Invited" She said:"I worked on exactly this approach, creating a kit for Population Services International that could be incorporated with workshops to help the parents or other close caregiver or to give to the parents directly and do on their own. It was created and adapted for several countries in Africa for three different age levels, and is in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, English, and I believe other languages, and low literacy. It is an incremental approach that equips the adults, and then eases the adults through fun and interesting communication skills with their child, family dynamics, through reproductive education, all the aspects of sexual health, rites of passage and alternatives, love, future plans, self-esteem, media and peer influence, nonviolence, etc."

Without access to that, I searched for other materials and approaches, coming to you in the next email, with some queries as to what you can post for the group in terms of thinking and resources.