Tsurumai Campus, Nagoya University, JAPAN

May 28 2018 - Jun 8 2018
Event/Training Summary: 

Applications are invited for this 10-day training programme on COMMUNICATION FOR  BEHAVIOURAL IMPACT (COMBI) IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT which will be offered in at Nagoya University, Graduate School of Medicine, Japan, from May 28 – June 8, 2017. The course will focus on behavioural and communication challenges in a wide variety of health topics and also a broad range of social development issues such as environmental education, early childhood stimulation and development, violence against children, among other social change topics. The training will be applicable to any area where there are behavioural challenges, including the behaviours of policy makers. This course is based on the WHO/New York University Summer Institute on COMBI.

Registration Information: 

Application Process and Deadlines:

Applicants should submit the attached application form to Dr. Everold Hosein, Course Coordinator, via e-mail: Everold@gmail.com  by March 16, 2018.   Applications after this date will be considered on a space availability basis. Instructions on payment of the tuition fee (both the non–refundable portion of US$800 and the remaining US$1,000) will be provided on receipt of the applications. Please see attached application form.

Visa Requirements: All participants from overseas must have valid visas to attend this course

For Further Information: Please contact Dr. Everold Hosein at e-mail: Everold@gmail.com 

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