The African Radio Drama Association (ARDA) Nigeria broadcasts radio serial dramas on democracy and good governance on several radio stations throughout the country.
Communication Strategies: 

"Rainbow City" is a Pidgin English soap about life in a big city and about people struggling daily to survive but also understanding the new social and political dispensation of democracy. It weaves concepts of scrutiny, transparency, leadership, civic rights and responsibility, patriotism and respect for the rule of the law into intrigue, suspense and drama. Click here to listen to this programme on the ARDA website.

A second radio soap called "Asuba ta Gari" or "New Dawn" was broadcast in the Hausa language. This serial used infotainment and edu-tainment concepts to address issues of women's human rights under Muslim laws, in addition to problems of corruption and accountability in a democratic society. For a time, it aired on Deutsche Welle, thus taking the programme to the international airwaves.

Development Issues: 

Economic Development, Political Development, Women, Rights, Gender.

Partner Text: 

Funded by the Ford Foundation.


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