30 International Development Headlines for 2011!


Hopefully thought-provoking! Please do not read too literally or seriously! And please do submit your headlines - either enter into the Comments section below or email me at wfeek@comminit.com


So, here we go - the 2011 Headlines:



  • Murdoch Divests Media Empire to Community Control

  • Tobin Tax Adopted Unanimously by 100 Largest Banks

  • 50% of Bottom Billion have Free and Open Wireless Access

  • World Bank HQ Relocates to Bujumbura

  • Developing Countries in DC Advising on Public Expenditure Controls

  • Civil Society Seat at Security Council Filled

  • Major Global Inter-Government Conference Agrees Specific, Mandatory Rules

  • Facebook Opens to Google Search

  • European Union Removes Agricultural Trade Barriers

  • Big Financial Investment in Public Interest Media

  • Obama Renounces Social Media

  • Governments Reduce Public Relations Staff

  • Fox Praises Increased Development Spending

  • Small Talk Valued

  • Twitter Reduces Maternal Mortality

  • Information Overload Overcome

  • Local Girl Becomes UN Celebrity Ambassador

  • Intelligent Soap Opera

  • Rural Radio Talk Show Goes Global Viral

  • Messages Out: Conversations In

  • Cities Follow Medellin Model

  • Women have Top Jobs in Half Major Media Companies

  • Public Debate in Vatican: Woman Chairs

  • NGO Branding Spending Frozen

  • Success Stories of the Poor Lead News

  • The Return of Investigative Journalism

  • Bottom Billion Renamed Top Billion

  • Cabinet Meetings Open to Public

  • Greenpeace Hosts UN Environment Conference



Well, those are mine - please let me know if any need explanation and feel free to respond!


More importantly - what are your 2011 headlines and why?


Either insert in Comments below or just email me at wfeek@comminit.com and I will share. Thanks.


Have a great 2011!