Shayna Plaut, PhD, is the Simons Postdoctoral Research Fellow in International Law and Human Security at the School for International Studies in Simon Fraser University. Her work focuses on human rights and journalism and journalism education with a specific focus on people who do not fit well into the traditional understanding of the nation state. Shayna has conducted extensive fieldwork in Macedonia, Hungary, and Sapmi (the traditional homeland of the Saami people in the current Nordic countries).

Since 2000, Shayna has designed and taught courses with undergraduate and graduate university students for a variety of university departments (International Studies, Sociology and Journalism) as well as training programmes through Amnesty International USA, Center for Independent Journalism in Budapest, Institute for International Education, and a variety of non-govermental organisations (NGOs) in the United States, Canada, and Central/Eastern Europe. Her work is published in academic, journalistic, and creative forums such as: Alternatives: Local Global Political; The International Journal for Human Rights; Nordicom and chapters in: The SAGE Handbook of Human Rights; Roma Education in Europe: Practices, Policies and Politics (Routledge), and Understanding Community Media (SAGE). Other more broadbased work has been featured in The Tyee, Chicago Public Radio, and Praxis Center: A Resource for Activist Scholars. She currently has work under review at Journalism Studies as well as Racial and Ethnic Studies. From 2000-2003, Shayna was the Human Rights Education Coordinator for the Midwest Region of Amnesty International USA.

Currently, Shayna is working with the Global Reporting Centre on a multiform documentary spanning nine countries, Strangers at Home, which is about the different manifestations of the rise of the right in Europe.

Types of consultancy work: Shayna has consulted for the United Nations World Programme on Human Rights, Americas Media Initiative, and the Global Reporting Centre. Her work includes designing training, curriculum development and evaluation, grant and media/production research, communications strategies, policy drafting, and programme development.

Types of trainings and academic teaching: She has designed and taught courses on human rights and human rights reporting to journalists and future producers of culture since 2000 in North America and Central/Eastern Europe, including designing and offering the first Human Rights Reporting class offered at the graduate level in Canada. Coming from a praxis based perspective, Shayna has conducted fieldwork and trainings with journalists, activists, policymakers, and donors in the Balkans as well as Sapmi. Shayna was awarded "Best Lecturer" by the Sociological Student Association in 2014-2015. She recently profiled her pedagogy of teaching in Praxis Center.

Regional and content expertise: Since 2001, Shayna has engaged in extensive research with Romani media and civil society and served in a variety of volunteer leadership positions with Amnesty International and Amnesty USA. Shayna has also conducted fieldwork with Saami media and journalists and facilitated trainings for the World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Network.

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