Helpful Tips

Submitting your Vacancy/Event/Training/Consultant Details, RFP, Book/Video/Journal to Development Classifieds



Prior to Submitting:


You must be registered and logged into the Development Classifieds website in order to submit your information. If you are already registered, simply log in and start the submission process. In order to register, please click here. Registration may take 24 hours to be reviewed and approved. Please note: you do not need to subscribe to any of the e-magazines in order to register.


Please note: you may either select to be invoiced or you may use a credit card to pay for your posting.


If, for any reason, you are unable to utilise our direct submission process, please contact Jennifer Savidge at for assistance.


After Submitting:


The CI’s Classifieds Services staff will review all submissions, will make formatting adjustments where necessary and appropriate, and will then approve/publish submissions. This means your post will not appear automatically - it may take up to 24 hours and perhaps longer over weekends. We will contact you, the person who submitted the entry, about any changes we make.


Rich Text Editing:


Rich Text Editing can work one of two ways:



1) Start with Rich Text Enabled: The majority of the formatting that you have already enabled for your text should be transferred directly to the entry. Please note that in some cases, this means that the font will be different than the font of the rest of The CI website, since you are transferring the font of your originally formatted text. The default font for The CI websites is: normal, size 11 - Verdana, Arial, sans-serif – colour is #203767.



2) Start with Rich Text Disabled: After pasting your text within the appropriate field, click “Enable Rich Text” below that field and it will provide you with formatting options. It will also merge all of your text into one single paragraph and you will need to format all of the spacing, as well as the bolding, italicising, hyperlinking, etc.

  • 3 carriage returns will provide you with some nice “white space” in between paragraphs.
  • The infinity symbol signifies a “hyperlink” to a URL. Please highlight the text you’d like to hyperlink and then click on the infinity symbol within the Rich Text options in order to link to a webpage. The broken infinity symbol signifies a deletion of a hyperlink. If you are using Microsoft Word, please note that some of the formatting that Word enables is not transferrable online. Most of it is, but some of it is not.





      • All images need to already be posted on an external website. Instructions for linking to the image are below under “Posting”
      • If your image is large, it will not be accepted.
      • Try to choose sharp, clear images as they will be small.



      • An image's URL that ends in .gif or .jpg works well.
      • 200 pixels x 200 pixels (give or take) is a good size.



      1. Open a new browser window or tab.
      2. Right-click on the selected image, then move your mouse down to "Properties" and select.
      3. A box will open up with a URL within it. Highlight the URL and right-click to copy it.
      4. Back in your submission page, place this URL within the Image field.
      5. Complete your submission.