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VIDEA's Day of Global Solidarity - July 5th 2011 - Global

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Global - Anywhere in the World!

Jul 5 2011 (All day)
Event/Training Summary: 

VIDEA’s Day of Global Solidarity is just around the corner - July 5th! This year, people all over the world are planning a 24 hour fast or silence to demonstrate our commitment to reducing hunger and oppression around the world.

The issue: We live in a world where extreme poverty is a reality for many. Approximately 1 billion people, or one sixth of the world’s population, subsist on less than $1 per day. An estimated 178 million children under the age of five are chronically malnourished; almost all of them in the developing world. We also live in a world where many women are silenced - unable to take up leadership opportunities, contribute to family or community decisions, and negotiate healthy practices or attitudes within their families or communities. Gross inequalities exist in women’s ability to exercise their basic human rights - human rights we take for granted.

How you can help:
  As many of you will know access to official lines of funding for international development activities continues to be a great challenge for many Canadian organisations. In order to ensure that our commitments to our overseas partners continue to be met, so that they can continue to deliver the innovative programming that makes a difference in the lives of over 500,000 villagers in southern Africa, we are hosting a repeat of last years’ hugely successful Day of Global Solidarity. In times like these, it is the power of people that makes all the difference - please join us as we stand in solidarity for a day.

The idea is simple: we will fast or go silent for 24 hours, as teams or as individuals, as a symbol of our solidarity. VIDEA has created a comprehensive online social networking infrastructure to make this event fun and interactive! Whether you chose to fast, be silenced, or both we know you will do really well at this, and I can personally promise you it’s a lot of fun.

If you fancy yourself a global citizen, this is the time to show people what that means!

Visit www.videa.ca to learn more about the community-based projects in Sub-Saharan Africa that these funds will help to support or visit http://solidarity.videa.ca/ to register!


This year VIDEA has:

  • Worked with 1594 rural villagers (988 of them women) to help them develop a better understanding of gender and human rights, to develop social empowerment skills and to develop 34 rurally sustainable small businesses that improve food security and income levels for over 9,000 men, women, girls and boys.
  • Created a classroom resource on gender that is being used in schools across Canada; Worked in classrooms with over 2000 students and teachers helping them to understand and get active on global issues; And, supplied VIDEA classroom resources through free downloads to over 1,000 educators a month.
  • Provide direct educational support to over 50 young men and women, girls and boys who are either vulnerable or orphaned, including one scholarship to the University of Zambia.
  • Worked with Elders in 5 aboriginal BC communities, in Uganda and Zambia to identify, and share indigenous knowledge that is helping communities to improve their environment, food security and to create bridges between generations.
  • Supported the work of 5 overseas VIDEA committees that provided direct assistance of over $170,000 to gender, income generation, livelihood training and vulnerable children projects in South Africa, Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.
  • Continued to strengthen a crafters cooperative in Western Zambia through the creation of an on-line shop on the VIDEA website, the creation of professional sales catalogues and the increased marketing of baskets to BC markets.
  • Provided support to 3 BC communities working on VIDEA’s twinning project with rural Zambian Women for Change areas, including helping communities to access basic human rights through the sinking of boreholes, support to community schools, the provision of educational support to children and youth, and support to income development.
  • Provided support and encouragement to VIDEA youth groups in Victoria, Kelowna and Nelson, including support to youth-organised events such as Café Open-Mics, a film festival, photo competition, cabaret night, youth-community garden, and markets and festivals.
  • Provided professional help to overseas partners by linking them with VIDEA leadership volunteers in BC, including assistance to develop policy and a continuum of care for orphans and vulnerable children.
Registration Information: 

To learn more about the event or to donate visit: http://solidarity.videa.ca/

To learn more about VIDEA visit: www.videa.ca

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