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Produced by the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication for the Department of Health (DOH) in South Africa, this pamphlet about Ebola is intended for school children and teachers in South Africa. It includes information on how you can get Ebola, the Ebola situation in South Africa, how you can tell if someone has Ebola, what happens if someone in South Africa is infected with Ebola, and what people can do to avoid getting Ebola. It also includes a map of Africa showing which countries have a confirmed outbreak of Ebola, countries with confirmed (but isolated) cases of Ebola, and African countries with no confirmed cases of Ebola, such as South Africa and many other parts of Africa.

Eleven million copies of the pamphlet were printed and distributed during a DOH Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination campaign (to prevent cervical cancer) in schools.

Note from publishers: The Ebola Virus leaflet was produced in great haste and as a result no testing/research on it was conducted, Soul City Institute acknowledges that fact and welcomes any improvement or recommendations.

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Soul City website on October 29 2014.