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This guide is part of a series of Unit Guides developed for use with children who are members of Soul Buddyz Clubs in South Africa. This issue focuses on active citizenship and provides activities for Club members which promote team building and show participants what it means to become active citizens. The guide consists of two sections. Each section includes a project and expected due date that aligns with the Soul Buddyz club programme for that year:

  • Section 1: Focuses on team building and empathy – understanding what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes.
  • Section 2: This section discusses making children's rights real, children being involved in active citizenship with other duty bearers.

According to the Soul City, "the Soul Buddyz Club is an innovative way of reaching children and helping them to take positive action in their own lives and communities. Soul Buddyz Club is the platform where children are exposed to positive peer interaction, information about their health and rights and fun and adventure to stimulate their growing minds" (See Related Summaries at bottom of page for more information).

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