The Communication Initiative Network and Partnership

All major development issues addressed. Convenes the communication/media development, social/behavioural change community. Social network - 85,000 please join. Knowledge sharing - 35,000 summaries, 1 million users pa. Critical peer review - ratings, comments, dialogue. Advocacy for this field. Strategic direction/funding by 20 Partners. To discuss partnership please contact Warren

Economic Development

Microinsurance Compendium - Volume II

This second volume of the "Microinsurance Compendium" describes the growth of microinsurance and innovations aimed to overcome the challenges of providing viable insurance services to more low-income people. The book discusses the main trends and evolution of the microinsurance sector while also considering where it currently stands from a...

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News Media


This yearbook 2012/2013, published by The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media at Nordicom, questions whether and how young citizens in Africa engage with media and communications technologies and platforms in a desire to be included in the change processes of their societies. According to the publisher, the theme echoes...

Communication, Culture and Society in Papua

This book contains essays on issues involving mainstream media, social concerns, development, and the information gap and teaching communication professionals in Papua New Guinea (PNG). In it, young, emerging, and established researchers associated with Divine Word University, PNG,  write about original research aiming to capture the PNG...


"Girardet’s encounters with key figures - including Ahmed Shah Massoud, the famed 'Lion of Panjshir'..., Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, an Islamic extremist..., and Osama bin Laden - shed ...light on the personalities who have shaped the nation, and its current challenges, from corruption and narcotics trafficking to selfish regional interests."

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