Open Jirga: one man’s amazing Afghan journey

Author: Zabiullah Faizy, September 26 2014  - Abdurrasul Pamiri stunned the studio audience of our discussion programme Open Jirga when he revealed he had travelled eight days from the Pamir Mountains in northern Afghanistan to ask a question.

"Twenty kilometres on foot from my village to the Wakhan district," he explained, "And approximately four days of travel by horse and donkey to get to the Eshkashim district [the first district in the north-east that is connected by roads]."

Life Skills Strategy

Author Rana Tasswar Ali, September 29 2014 - In my previous blog "Life skills for children and young people", I have discussed life skills, which are empowering skills and enable people to cope with life in normal and in difficult circumstances. In this blog I will try to draw a life skills strategy, how we can develop professional life skills strategy for designing life skills project or programs.

Towards gender and socially just alcohol policy in India

Author: Ranjani K. Murthy,September 23 2014 - The other day, I was asked a question: “These days women in the corporate sector and elite colleges in Chennai, India want to visit pubs and drink just like men.  Advertisements on liquor are targeting Indian women as much as men, what do you think?” This was in a context where the right-wing was against women’s consumption of alcohol stating that ancient Hindu scriptures do not permit women to drink (in fact Manu Smriti licensed men to remarry if their wives drank!).

Addressing traditional practices that drive HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa

Mamoletsane Khati

Author: ’Mamoletsane Khati, September 23 2014 - Women and girls across Southern Africa continue to bear the brunt of traditions that support multiple concurrent partnerships (MCP) and other uncouth sexual practices.

Could mHealth and behaviour change communication help turn the Ebola tide?

Author: Willie Ngumi, September 15 2014 - It’s not the first time I’ve heard of Ebola.  Every time the epidemic has raised its ugly head, it has been a fairly safe distance from me.  And like any other human being, I figured it was "their problem".  Even on this occasion it didn’t raise any flags for me personally until it touched Nigeria, and when I had to book a flight to Ghana.  Faced with the reality of air travel to West Africa, I began to Google everything about Ebola.  Suddenly, it was an issue for me.  I have a wife and three young children, as do so ma

The power of the pen: Why I left M&E behind for communications

Author: Jennifer Lentfer, September 15 2014 - Up until the last two years of my career in the international aid sector, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) had always been a part of my job title or description. I have always been curious about and driven by the "what works?" question.

Libya's Media Frontline

Author:  Anne Reevell, September 8 2014 - A month ago I shut the door on the house that has been my home in Tripoli and, with one suitcase, climbed into a convoy with a dozen or so other "internationals" being evacuated from Libya.

I'd been living in this beautiful but chaotic city for a year working with Libya's State TV station, Al Wataniya and the national news agency, LANA. Before the revolution these institutions were at the heart of Muammar Gaddafi's extensive propaganda machine. Now, under new leadership, both were finding their voices.

EU, UNODC Partner to Strengthen IT Capacity of Justice Sector Officials in Nigeria

Some trainees at one of the training sessions in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Author: James Ayodele, September 8 2014 - The computer and other information technology (IT) equipment are becoming commonplace across the justice sector in Nigeria. However, the lack of, or insufficient, IT skills is limiting the use of the computer by justice sector officials. Although some judicial administrative units are equipped with latest generation of computers, these are yet to become daily working tools.


The Power of Belief: What Polio and Ebola have in common

Author: Heidi J Larson, PhD, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Dept. Global Health, University of Washington, September 5 2014 - The myriad of challenges contributing to the persisting spread of Ebola in West Africa - the biggest Ebola outbreak since the viral haemorrhagic fever was discovered in 1976 - echo some of the biggest obstacles which continue to challenge the global efforts to eradicate polio.

The Communication Initiative Network and Partnership

Covers all major development issues. Convenes the communication/media development, social/behavioural change community with a social network of 85,000 - please join. . When registered you can search the network to identify relevant support and connections.. Knowledge sharing - 35,000 summaries, 1 million users pa. Critical peer review - ratings, comments, dialogue. Advocacy for this field. Strategic direction/funding by 20 Partners. To discuss partnership please contact Warren

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