Mental Health of Children

Author: Rana Tassawar Ali, November 14 2014 - Children are the future of world, and, without their survival, development, protection and participation, the world cannot have peace for all. This is the time of investment in children for making them profitable assets, and we need to work collectively on reducing liabilities. The biggest liabilities or issues are still unsolved - globally children are living without basic education and health care. Now the world is focusing on the post-2015 agenda, and highly ranked professionals and think tanks of the world are engaged in setting goals.

Pushing boundaries: a TV birth in Bangladesh

Author: Georgis Bashar, October 27 2014 - Ujan Ganger Naiya (Sailing Against the Tide) is a TV drama about teenage sisters in a rural village in Bangladesh. They each marry despite the youngest sister Anika being only 16 and desperate to complete her education. As the drama unfolds, we learn more about the dangers of early pregnancy and issues that arise as a result of it.

I have worked on other TV productions about health. But there were a few significant 'firsts' for me in directing in Ujan Ganger Naiya.

A South African Approach to the Prevention of Health Epidemics

Author: Brian Julius, October 22 2014 - Every year, NGOs, international donors, and government health departments spend billions of dollars on health care education in developing and third world countries. The vast majority of these projects fail.

Ebola's Legacy Can Be a Thriving Community Health System

Author: Raj Panjabi, October 20 2014 - With war or a disease like Ebola, fear is natural. It seems like people all around you are dying. People you love, people you take care of, people who take care of you.

In such a context of enormous grief, it is human to imagine that these deaths are the result of a "curse" or conspiracy.

Human Rights for All

Gillies Kasongo

Author: Gillies C. Kasongo, October 20 2014 - People, the world over, are entitled to universal, inalienable and indivisible rights, by virtue of their common humanity.

Everyone is entitled to live and enjoy a life of freedom and dignity regardless of their age, status, income, gender, sexual orientation, religion, among others. Human rights are indivisible. Whether of a civil, cultural, economic, political or social nature, all human rights are inherent to the dignity of every human being. They all have equal status and cannot be ranked.

Reaching out to a community to improve maternal health in Ghana: the story of one midwife

Author: John Kuumuori Ganle, October 15 2014  - The story below of a Ghanaian midwife from the Ashanti region illustrates how one person was able to mobilize local community members in rural Piase in the Bosomtwi district to create demand for, and improve access to and use of, emergency and routine maternal health services. Her story demonstrates how involving communities in maternal health issues can improve both access to services and maternal health outcomes.

How people behave really matters to health

Author: Caroline Sugg, October 6 2014 - The Ebola emergency in West Africa shines a fresh light on the way in which peoples' everyday actions are critical to maintaining public health.

Investing in girls' education in South Sudan

Author: Manyang David Mayar, October 2 2014 - For Boldit Deng, an unemployed father of five in South Sudan’s Warrap State, the news that his daughter was about to receive 125 South Sudanese Pounds (£25) meant only one thing: he could buy more goats.

But his daughter Rose, 18, had other ideas. She planned to spend the money on her education.

'I now know my rights': preventing bonded labour in rural India

Author: Aashish Yadav, October 2 2014  - After a two year journey and countless stories of success, our bonded labour project is coming to an end.

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