The Power of Belief: What Polio and Ebola have in common

Author: Heidi J Larson, PhD, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Dept. Global Health, University of Washington, September 5 2014 - The myriad of challenges contributing to the persisting spread of Ebola in West Africa - the biggest Ebola outbreak since the viral haemorrhagic fever was discovered in 1976 - echo some of the biggest obstacles which continue to challenge the global efforts to eradicate polio.

Ebola in Sierra Leone: new radio shows join the fight

Author: Musa Sangarie, BBC Media Action, September 3 2014 - A couple of weeks ago in the middle of the night, phones started ringing across Sierra Leone. Despite the late hour, people were calling to pass on the latest rumour about Ebola that bathing in salty hot water could protect you. By the next day, the rumour had swept across the whole country.

PSAf Study to Characterize Sexual Minorities in Zambia


From Panos Institute Southern Africa (PSAf), September 2014 - PSAf, in collaboration with the National HIV/AIDS/STIs/TB Council of Zambia and the Tropical Diseases Research Centre (TDRC), undertook a study on the existence of sexual minorities. The research aimed at establishing the characteristics of sexual minorities in Zambia, their risk to HIV infection and other reproductive health problems in order to identify opportunities for interventions.

Story of a lady bike rider and women development: Organizers should go to the roots

Author: Suman Chowdhury Mony, September 2 2014 - Every morning, one lady bike rider passes me when my bus gets stuck in the jam on the way to my office. She goes ahead to her destination by driving her Scooty easily and naturally on the wide and narrow spaces on the road, just as a man might drive.

A radio drama with youth appeal for Somalia

Author: Jackie Christie, August 29 2014 - The assignments I take on for BBC Media Action sometimes take my breath away. Take my most recent project, for example: travel to the Horn of Africa and facilitate the creation of a 24-episode radio drama, I was told.

HIV Prevalence versus Incidence ... unpacking the confusion

Authors: David R Patient and Neil M Orr, August 29 2014 - Every few years a national HIV study comes out and people start to speak with great concern about the prevalence and incidence rates increasing. There seems to be a lot of confusion around the difference between the two. The purpose of this article is to unpack the difference between Prevalence and Incidence and explore each one’s relevance.

HIV and Persons in Prison in Pakistan

Authors: Shoaib Raza Butt and Rana Tassawar Ali, August 28 2014 - It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 people with HIV-positive status in Pakistan. Among them, injecting drug users (IDUs), general population and sex workers are included. It has been proved by many researches that IDUs are at the highest risk group of HIV transference. Many national and international organizations are providing services related to reducing the risks of HIV transference and also providing HIV treatment in different treatment centers all over Pakistan.

Investing in young children makes good business sense

Author: Michael Feigelson, August 25 2014 - In 2007, The Lancet medical journal published an article stating that more than 200 million children under five fail to reach their potential in cognitive development because of poverty, poor health and nutrition, and lack of responsive caregiving. This statistic made the rounds in the worlds of public health, education and other segments of society generally focused on the welfare of our youngest citizens.

Entertainment Media Can Help Change Behaviors and Stop the Ebola Outbreak

Author: Margaret Miller, cross-posted from The World Bank website, August 22 2014 - In the wake of the current Ebola crisis, the 2011 movie Contagion (See the trailer here) directed by Steven Soderbergh has repeatedly been cited as one of the best examples of a movie taking on the subject of pandemic disease and managing to educate while providing gripping entertainment. This is no coincidence.

The Communication Initiative Network and Partnership

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