A man with a plan: using drama to tackle Ebola

Authors: Yvonne Macpherson and Radharani Mitra, January 7 2015 - In the three countries most affected by Ebola, information and communication play an important role in curtailing its spread. There is a lot of information out there, from posters displaying symptoms, to celebrity-featured public service announcements and Ebola songs. In the early phases of the crisis, communication focused on the fact that Ebola is real was important when denial was a barrier.

Fighting Ebola: now it’s personal

Author: Mustapha Dumbuya, January 7 2015 - I have a strong bond with my mother and we are often in contact. She lives in the city of Makeni, northern Sierra Leone and I live in the capital, Freetown, a two hour drive away.

When she called me in September, in tears, I knew something was very wrong. "My family is being wiped out," she told me, barely able to get her words out. Since August - in just a matter of weeks - 16 of our family members living in the town of Port Loko had died. They lived very close to one another in a densely populated area.

Making a difference: community co-operation in Kenya

BBC Media Action

Author: Jo Casserly, January 6 2015 - Academics have been mulling over the tricky term "collective efficacy" for decades. Collective, what? Well, exactly. In its essence, collective efficacy is the belief that taking action with others can make a positive change. But I learned last week that if you want to really get to the bottom of what collective efficacy looks like in practice, Kenya is the place to find out.

How to hunt a virus: 5 ways polio is helping fight Ebola

Author: Sherine Guirguis, January 2 2015 - I'm often asked how the largest-ever public health movement - to end polio - has boosted the world’s ability to fight other deadly infectious diseases.

Ebola communication tips for health officials

Authors: Claire Hooker and Julie Leask, originally published on November 5 2014, cross-posted on January 5 2015: Listen up, health officials - here's how to reduce "Ebolanoia".

Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone: What is not going on right?


Author: Ibrahim Sesay, December 13 2014 - I have been closely monitoring the various interventions that had been and are still being undertaken by the government of Sierra Leone and its stakeholders to address the dreadful Ebola epidemic in the country. These are my observations:

1. The Centralized Nature of Communication.

An institutional lens to Goal 5 of SDGs on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls

Author: Ranjani K. Murthy, December 8 2014


The Open Working Group of the General Assembly on Social Development Goals [SDGs] proposed 17 Goals in 2014, of which the fifth one is on "Achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls" (UN Working Group of the General Assembly on Social Development Goals, 2014)

The Goal 5 has six ambitious targets to be achieved by 2030:

What I'll be celebrating on World AIDS Day

Author: Gideon Poki, originallly posted on World AIDS Day 2014 - World AIDS Day is a chance for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It is a chance to show solidarity with the 35 million people living with HIV today and commemorate those who have died from AIDS.

For me, December 1st will be even more poignant as this will be the last World AIDS Day of ENR (Enhancing Nigeria’s response to HIV & AIDS), a project I’ve been heading up for the past year, and that has been reducing the spread of HIV and mitigating its impact for the last six.

The power of the media in Nigeria

Author: Anu Mohammed, December 2 2014 - I could never have predicted a conversation overheard in my cab to work would have such an impact on me. But as we drew to a halt in one of Abuja’s frequent traffic jams, I heard my driver make a call that got me thinking about the increasing power of media in Nigeria - and people’s confidence in it to make a difference.

Shaping of children's dreams at an International Platform

Author: Aishwarya Das Pattnaik of the Humara Bachpan Campaign, December 2 2014 - Running high on speculative delays of gaining a passport and the series of formalities attached took everyone on a whirlpool ride. Many blockages in the form of authority rigidness to piles of paper work and running to get more papers checked was a task that was waived off gently by the dedicated Humara Bachpan Campaign team. A national campaign for safe and healthy environment for children living in urban poverty.

The Communication Initiative Network and Partnership

Covers all major development issues. Convenes the communication/media development, social/behavioural change community with a social network of 85,000 - please join. . When registered you can search the network to identify relevant support and connections.. Knowledge sharing - 35,000 summaries, 1 million users pa. Critical peer review - ratings, comments, dialogue. Advocacy for this field. Strategic direction/funding by 20 Partners. To discuss partnership please contact Warren

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This yearbook 2012/2013, published by The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media at Nordicom, questions whether and how young citizens in Africa engage with media and communications technologies and platforms in a desire to be included in the change processes of their societies. According to the publisher, the theme echoes...

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