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February 10, 2016

Breaking Down Barriers: Empowering Young people Living with HIV in Uganda

"Link Up’s experience in Uganda demonstrates the success empowered young people living with HIV can have in achieving greater access to SRHR and HIV services for their peers. Building a strong team...

February 9, 2016

Research Communication for Policy Influence: Key Toolkits

"Research communication is at the heart of evidence based policy making, as it includes understanding the obstacles preventing the uptake of research by decision makers and reflects on the most...

February 9, 2016

Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK) Programme - Essential Packages Manual

The Essential Packages Manual was produced as part of the "Access, Services and Knowledge" (ASK) programme of the Youth Empowerment Alliance, which seeks to improve the sexual and reproductive health...

February 4, 2016

Empower Young Women and Adolescent Girls: Fast-Track the End of the AIDS Epidemic in Africa

"To be effective, any health and development agenda needs to focus on the root causes of the gender gap, and the AIDS response is no different."

January 26, 2016

Ebola Outbreak, Sierra Leone: Communication Challenges and Good Practices

"Early messages designed to change the behaviour were counterproductive, as they failed to take into account deep rooted cultural practices and beliefs and context-specific difficulties. The most...

January 26, 2016

Four Pillars PLUS Programme

Initiated in 2008, the Four Pillars PLUS programme uses a holistic approach to improve educational outcomes for girls and other vulnerable children in Kenya and Nigeria. The approach involves...

January 20, 2016

Tiphunzire! (Let's Learn!)

Launched in 2014, the Tiphunzire! (Let's Learn!) project is working to create empowering learning contexts for marginalised girls in rural central and southern Malawi in order to keep girls in school...

January 20, 2016

The Good Life Network

The Good Life Network is a "pop-up" health and development television channel airing between December 1 2015 and March 31 2016 on satellite television in South Africa. Programmes cover nutrition,...

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The Soul Beat

Date Title
2015-12-09 The Soul Beat 259 - Communication and Media News and Issues
2015-11-30 The Soul Beat 258 - On the Fast-Track to End AIDS - World AIDS Day 2015
2015-10-09 The Soul Beat 257 - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Africa
2015-09-28 The Soul Beat 256 - Communication and Media News and Issues
2015-08-24 The Soul Beat 255 - ICTs for Development in Africa
2015-07-27 The Soul Beat 254 - Media for Development in Africa
2015-06-17 The Soul Beat 253 - Communicating for Transparency, Democracy and Governance in Africa
2015-05-25 The Soul Beat 252 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2015-04-28 The Soul Beat 251 - Television for Social Change in Africa
2015-03-23 The Soul Beat 250 - Media and Communication for Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Responses
2015-02-09 The Soul Beat 249 - The Power of Radio in Africa
2015-01-12 The Soul Beat Issue 248: Community Dialogues for Health
2014-12-08 The Soul Beat 247 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2014-11-24 The Soul Beat 246 - Soul City: Celebrating 20 Years of Communicating for Social Change
2014-10-20 The Soul Beat 245 - Communicating for Improved Agriculture in Africa
2014-09-22 The Soul Beat 244 - Protecting Girls from Child Marriage and FGM in Africa
2014-08-25 The Soul Beat 243 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2014-07-22 The Soul Beat 242 - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Southern Africa
2014-06-25 The Soul Beat 241 - ICTS for Development in Africa
2014-05-12 The Soul Beat 240 - Participatory Video and Photography in Africa
2014-04-22 The Soul Beat 239 - Communicating for Malaria Prevention and Control in Africa
2014-03-25 The Soul Beat 238 - Social and Behaviour Change Communication and Health in Africa
2014-02-26 The Soul Beat 237 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2014-02-12 The Soul Beat 236 - Celebrating World Radio Day
2014-01-28 The Soul Beat 235 - Communicating for Education in Africa
2013-12-10 The Soul Beat 234 - Soul City: Communicating for Health and Development
2013-11-26 The Soul Beat 233 - Promoting Healthy Border and Migrant Populations
2013-11-13 The Soul Beat 232 - Communication to Address Gender-based Violence
2013-10-23 The Soul Beat 231 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2013-10-08 The Soul Beat 230 - Communicating About Climate Change
2013-09-25 The Soul Beat 229 - Soul Beat Africa Turns 10
2013-09-12 The Soul Beat 228 - Sex Worker Health and Rights
2013-08-28 The Soul Beat 227 - Media for Development - Resources for Journalists
2013-08-21 The Soul Beat 226 - Communication and Media for Agriculture
2013-07-24 The Soul Beat 225 - Television Supporting Social Change in Africa
2013-07-10 The Soul Beat 224 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2013-06-26 The Soul Beat 223 - Maternal Health and Communication
2013-06-12 The Soul Beat 222 - Social Media for Social Change
2013-05-23 The Soul Beat 221 - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Youth in Africa
2013-05-08 The Soul Beat 220 - Libraries for Development in Africa
2013-04-24 The Soul Beat 219 - Malaria and Communication in Africa
2013-04-10 The Soul Beat 218 - Communication and Change News and Issues
2013-03-27 The Soul Beat 217 - Disability and Communication in Africa
2013-03-13 The Soul Beat 216 - Communication for Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment
2013-02-27 The Soul Beat 215 - Texting and Mobile Phones for Social Change
2013-02-13 The Soul Beat 214 - Radio for Development
2013-01-23 The Soul Beat 213 - Communicating about Family Planning
2013-01-09 The Soul Beat 212 - Games for Social Change
2012-12-12 The Soul Beat 211- Communication and Change News and Issues
2012-11-28 The Soul Beat 210 - Children and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Featured Knowledge Shared

What is Social and Behavior Change Communication?
January 15, 2016

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) has produced an animated video to help explain the concept of social and behaviour change...

Participatory Video and the Most Significant Change: A Guide for Facilitators
January 15, 2016

This toolkit is designed to support users in planning and carrying out evaluations using Participatory Video (PV) with the Most Significant Change...

January 11, 2016

Produced by the European Journalism Centre, this guide was produced to act as a key and timely resource for reporting on development issues across...

January 11, 2016

"The successful involvement of men and women as part of a community-wide approach to shifting deep-rooted norms is critical for the...

January 11, 2016

"Overall, the barazas have been so successful that the local authorities have extended the approach to a further 60 schools, and some schools...

December 21, 2015

Organised by eLearning Africa under the theme "Making Vision Reality", this 11th eLearning Africa conference will bring together decision makers...

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