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Who’s Running the Company? A Guide to Reporting on Corporate Governance

Publication Date
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2013
Corporate Governance

This guide offering tips on corporate governance is designed for reporters and editors who already have some experience covering business and finance. The goal is to help journalists develop stories that examine how a company is governed and spot events that may have serious consequences for the company’s survival, shareholders, and stakeholders. It is from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Global Corporate Governance Forum and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ).

Topics include the media’s role as a watchdog, how the board of directors functions, what constitutes good practice, what financial reports reveal, what role shareholders play, and how to track down and use information shedding light on a company’s inner workings.

Journalists will learn how to recognise "red flags," or warning signs, that indicate whether a company may be violating laws and rules. Tips on reporting and writing guide reporters in developing clear, balanced, fair, and convincing stories. Three recurring features in the guide are designed to help reporters apply "lessons learned" to their own "beats," or coverage areas:


  • Reporter’s Notebook: Advice from successful business journalists
  • Story Toolbox: How and where to find story ideas
  • What Do You Know? Applying the guide’s lessons

Each chapter ends with a section on Sources, which lists background resources pertinent to that chapter’s topics.

Contents include:

  1. What's good governance, and why should journalists care?
  2. The all-important board of directors
  3. All about shareholders
  4. Inside family-owned and state-owned enterprises
  5. Toeing the line: regulations and disclosure
  6. Finding the story behind the numbers
  7. Writing and reporting tips

    Selected Resources

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IJNet website, March 26 2013.

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