The 2018 International Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Summit Featuring Entertainment-Education | April 16 - 20, 2018
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Social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) engages and supports people to shift norms, change behaviours, and amplify the voices needed to address development challenges such as extreme poverty, gender inequities, public health emergencies, acute and chronic diseases, climate change, and democracy and governance. SBCC is a considered to be an essential component of the global development agenda and, as such, critical for sustained and substantive progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), country development plans, and multilateral policies.

To give voice to and strengthen the full potential of SBCC to catalyse transformative change, the 2018 International Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Summit - April 16-20 2018, Bali, Indonesia - builds on previous international gatherings to provide a critical space for experts in the field to: strengthen advocacy for SBCC investments; expand connections between SBCC organisations, practitioners, and scholars; share and learn new skills, evidence, and methodologies; explore the power of entertainment-education (EE); and contribute to setting the global SBCC agenda. It will be hosted by a consortium of international and local partners, including: the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, The Communication Initiative, Soul City Institute, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and BBC Media Action. These partners are inviting other organisations to join them as sponsors.

They say: "Given the rapidly changing context for development in the local, national and global arenas, it is vitally important we work together across sectors to maximize our impact in SBCC, and advance the evolving, multidisciplinary field of SBCC."

This document lays out the opportunities for, and benefits of, sponsorship, which is available at many levels - from Diamond (US$100,000) through to Bronze (US$5,000), along with additional sponsorship opportunities - from a Gala reception sponsorship package (US25,000) through to a booth package (US$2,500). Sponsorship of this event offers an opportunity for the participating organisation to:

  • Accelerate SBCC action to achieve health and development goals;
  • Guide the growth and direction of SBCC and EE;
  • Highlight your organisation's priorities and approaches; and
  • Engage with key partners, stakeholders, and the expanding global network of SBCC and EE practitioners.

The Summit provides a dedicated, immersive environment that is meant to be critical to agenda setting for those seeking to rapidly share, synthesise, and provide feedback on research, innovation, and implementation. As a field grounded in engagement and communication, this environment not only accelerates the establishment and dissemination of evidence, benchmarks, and standards of practice, but it also is essential to sharing ideas across sectors and countries while energising the morale and commitment of practitioners. The Summit attracts a wide range of participation from government ministries, academics, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society organsations, global agencies, and those in the private sector working to address development issues. Quick facts from the 2016 International SBCC Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

  • More than 750 attendees from over 50 countries
  • 59 sessions, 40 exhibitions, and 120 posters
  • Over 2,500 hashtagged tweets, reaching 1.7 million people
  • 97% of attendees reported that the Summit provided invaluable networking opportunities
  • 90% of attendees reported that the Summit strengthened their skill, and that it offered innovative content.

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