Publication Date
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2005
This web-based toolkit from the Academy for Educational Development's Change Project contains approaches and tools for behaviour change interventions for maternal survival. According to the Change Project, the set of tools in this kit have been designed for effective and locally appropriate behaviour change and have been field tested in Kenya, Guinea, and Bangladesh.

The Maternal Survival framework in this kit organises behaviour change interventions into three areas: seeking skilled care, birth preparedness, and providing skilled care. These are interventions at the household, community, and health facility levels that begin with information gathering on attitudes and beliefs about skilled care and include lessons learned and global programme experience from a project called the Safe Motherhood Initiative.

There is a set of tools adaptable to existing programmes that corresponds to each area of the Maternal Survival framework. These tools provide formative research instruments and progress to tools for the design and implementation of effective interventions to facilitate increased effectiveness of maternal survival programmes.

Source January-February 2007 on January 30 2007 and the Source website.