Launched in 2011, Kiss Malaria Goodbye is an initiative implemented by Doctors Without Borders in South Africa that works to raise awareness, support, and funds for malaria treatment and eradication activities in Africa, particularly artemisinen-based combination therapy and malaria rapid diagnostic tests. The initiative uses new technologies such as SMS and online social networking platforms, and encourages people to record kisses as part of the message to “Kiss Malaria Goodbye.”

Communication Strategies: 

The Kiss Malaria Goodbye initiative encourages people to access the Kiss Malaria Goodbye campaign website to show their support for malaria prevention and eradication by recording a short video or uploading a photo of themselves literally "kissing malaria goodbye.” The kisses recordings are collected in the "wall of kisses." The website also encourages visitors to donate to the initiative either online or via SMS and become members of Doctors Without Borders. The site includes key information about malaria prevention in Africa, as well as a summary of Doctors Without Borders' work in Africa. The website includes links to both the Twitter and Facebook pages for the campaign.

Development Issues: 

Malaria, New technologies

Key Points: 

According to organisers, 91% of the nearly 800,000 annual malaria-related fatalities occur in Africa, with the majority being children under the age of five. Young children and pregnant women are most at risk of severe malaria, as are people living with HIV.

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Kiss Malaria Goodbye website on June 28, 2011.