The Gender Hub is a free online portal or knowledge hub that "aims to strengthen the cadre of gender expertise and its application in Nigeria." The resource was developed through the Voices for Change, Nigeria (V4C) programme, a UKAID funded programme which seeks to promote gender equality and women's empowerment by equipping "a wide range of young women and men to 'speak up and speak out' to challenge gender stereotypes and discriminatory social norms."

The Hub is intended to provide a forum for gender experts, researchers, and policymakers to interact and build communities of practice on issues relating to gender equality and women's empowerment. It collects and shares relevant documents (research reports and resources) on gender from Nigeria and globally, as well as information about training and events. It also offers a forum for discussion.

The Hub was created with aims to:

  • Promote a 'culture of evidence' that will build local capacity to generate and apply evidence on issues relating to gender equality and women's empowerment;
  • Improve the quality of communication, campaigns, decision-making, and action to trigger change in social norms.
  • Enrich the work of networks and coalitions; and build communities of practice and strengthen their understanding of issues relating to creating an enabling environment.
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