Launched in 2011, Children Caring About Cancer (3C) is a programme of the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation designed to provide a platform or forum for children and young persons to interact and form strategies and solutions to control and manage cancer in their own communities. This includes establishing cancer clubs in schools to promote awareness, and encouraging youth, cancer prevention stakeholders, and anyone interested in cancer care and prevention to become members to share strategies and ideas. 3C is supported by House of Hope Uganda (HoH), in partnership with Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI).

Communication Strategies: 

The main objective of 3C is to empower children to create awareness about cancer, and to work together with stakeholders towards a shared strategic direction, in order to control and prevent cancers in Uganda. Membership of 3C is open to children's clubs whose mission activities promote cancer prevention and control, children and youth who want to work in support of cancer patients and survivors, cancer prevention and management advocates, educators, and well-wishers. The clubs conduct awareness activities, such as hosting displays and handing out materials.

Development Issues: 

Health, Children

Key Points: 

Uganda Child Cancer Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that was formed in 2006 to support children and young persons with cancer in Uganda by a group of concerned parents, medical workers, and individuals who had seen the difficulties that the children go through during their battle with cancer. Since 2009, UCCF has reached more than 200 children by providing them with support in the battle against childhood cancer, through regular programming and special child care support events and activities.

Partner Text: 

Uganda Child Cancer Foundation, House of Hope Uganda (HoH), Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI).