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About Soul Beat Africa

About Soul Beat Africa

Established in 2003, Soul Beat Africa is a knowledge management initiative focusing on communication and media for social change in Africa. We offer an online space for people and organisations to access and share information and to engage in discussion and debate. The site is meant for development practitioners, the media and media institutions, academics, researchers, and anyone who is using or is interested in communication for development in Africa.

Soul Beat Africa is a collaboration between the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication and The Communication Initiative. Based in South Africa, we form part of the CI network which also includes: The Communication Initiative: Global - in English, with a worldwide overview and focus (based in Canada and the United States) and La Iniciativa de Comunicacion: Latin America - in Spanish, with a worldwide overview and focus on the Latin American experience and context (based in Columbia).

Soul Beat Africa's activities:

The Soul Beat Africa website

The website offers a database of summarised knowledge on media and communication for development in Africa. These include:

  • Programme Experiences - Descriptions of programmes, activities and projects dealing with communication for development across Africa.
  • Evaluation Reports - Evaluations and impact data from projects and activities that use media and communication for development.
  • Strategic Thinking Reports - Summaries of research reports that aim to form the basis for communication, change and development policies and interventions.
  • Materials - These are resources for media and communication practitioners, including toolkits, manuals, reference documents, and multimedia that support the use of communication and media as a tool for development.
  • Awards and Funding Opportunities - a listing of fellowships, grants, scholarships, and internships.
  • Events and Training - a list of conferences and training opportunities to support communication activities.

The content covers a range of development issues (eg. health, HIV/AIDS, education, environment, governance, gender etc.), communication tools (, television, theatre, information and communication technologies (ICTS) etc.) and communication approaches (eg.advocacy, edutainment, social marketing etc.).

Soul Beat Africa Theme websites

Soul Beat Africa theme sites are topic focused sub-sites within the overall Soul Beat Africa website, which, in most cases, have been developed with support from a funding partner. Our theme sites currently include(click on title to view the sites):


The Soul Beat e-newsletter - a bi-weekly electronic magazine featuring a themed selection of information from the Soul Beat Africa website, which reaches over 16,000 people from across Africa and globally. Click here to view The Soul Beat e-newsletter archives.

Soul Beat Extras - issue-specific e-newsletters that correspond to the theme sites. They highlight the latest information posted on a particular themesite.

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Online Networking Groups

The Communication Initiative offers an online networking platform to discuss a range of issues related to communication for development. Click here to register for any of these groups.

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What is Communication for Development?

For more information on Communication for Development, click here for a Soul Beat e-newsletter on this topic.

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Soul Beat Africa

A collaboration between the Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication and The Communication Initiative. Offers a space to access and share knowledge (currently over 6500 knowledge items), as well as network around a wide range of development issues with a focus on media and communication for social change in Africa. Our current subscriber network consists of over 16,000 members. To join, click here. To discuss partnership please contact Anja