In 2002, MTV Networks Asia teamed up with UNICEF and the Levi's® Brand to launch the Speak Your Mind Campaign, which was designed to encourage youth from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan to communicate about issues that are important to them, such as HIV/AIDS, education, and their rights. To culminate the campaign, MTV channels in Asia delivered 24-hour youth-related programming in celebration of Youth Day, August 1.
Communication Strategies: 

On the Speak Your Mind site, schedules were posted detailing the 24-hour youth-related programming. As part of the campaign, MTV hosted 11 interactive 'Speak Your Mind' websites, where young people were invited to take part in forums and other online activities. Further, 12 Asian youth were selected as ambassadors of the campaign; they flew to New York to present the "Speak Your Mind" Asian Youth Charter to the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan at the UN Headquarters.

Youth Day activities were organised on a country-to-country basis. For example, the Malaysia 'Speak Your Mind' youth representatives distributed limited editions of Asian Youth Day badges to areas around the flagship Original Levi Stores.

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Partner Text: 

MTV Networks Asia, UNICEF, Levi's®.


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