Self and Interpersonal Relationships Theme Unit, Sexuality and Sexual Health Theme Unit
Publication Date
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2009

The purpose of this manual is to provide trainers in the Caribbean with materials and resources to conduct in-country teacher-training on two themes in the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Common Curriculum: 1) self and interpersonal relationships, and 2) sexuality and sexual health. HFLE is a life skills-based programme which focuses on the development of the whole person. The lessons were developed through a participatory process with HFLE coordinators, teachers, and others. The lessons' contents are responsive to the many health and social challenges in the region, including HIV/AIDS, violence, and substance abuse. The manual was created by The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, in collaboration with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and partnering agencies and with support from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO).

The contents include:

  • I. Purpose of the Training Manual
  • II. Overview of Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) and Pilot Evaluation
  • III. Training Sessions
    1. What It Means To Be an HFLE Teacher: What Do I Bring to the Classroom; The Decisions We Make and Why What To Do When.
    2. Regional Standards and Core Outcomes: Introductory Activity - HFLE and Our Community Regional Standards and Core Outcomes – What Are We Trying to Achieve?
    3. Life Skills Education: What Is Life Skills Education - Theories Supporting Life Skills Education; Types of Life Skills; and Translating Skills into Steps Using Life Skills to Promote Positive Health Behaviours.
    4. Teaching Methods: Teaching Methods for Life Skills Education Reasons for Using Different Interactive Teaching Methods; Creating a Respectful and Conducive Environment for Learning; Modelling of Interactive Teaching and Tips for Teaching; Creating Your Own Interactive Activity and Practice of Teaching Skills.
    5. Assessment: What is Alternative Assessment - Creating and Using Performance Tasks and Rubrics for Assessment; Creating and Using an HFLE Student Portfolio
    6. Self and Inter-Personal Relationships Unit: Practice and Review of Lesson Plans
    7. Sexuality and Sexual Health Unit: Practice and Review of Lesson Plans
  • IV. Sample Training Agenda for Teaching Training
  • V. Lesson Plans from HFLE Common Curriculum
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