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The Training of Trainers Manual was produced as part of a Youth Peer Education Toolkit, the result from a collaboration between the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Family Health International. It was produced for the Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER), a project coordinated by UNFPA. Using participatory techniques based on a variety of theoretical frameworks, it is a curriculum tool that aims to to prepare master-level peer education trainers who are skilled and confident in their abilities to train peer educators and serve as informed resources for their peers. The manual is comprised of four main sections:
  • From Theory to Practice in Peer - reviews the definition of peer education and its rationale and value in the context of different behaviour change theories and models.
  • Guidelines for Training of Trainers: A Curriculum - provides the outline of a suggested six-day training of trainers (ToT). For each of the training topics, the curriculum provides appropriate training exercises and notes.
  • A Sample Peer Education Session on HIV/AIDS - presents an example of a three- to four-hour peer education session on HIV/AIDS.
  • Participant Handouts - includes 20 handouts that are used in the six-day training.
For printed copies of the manual, please send a request with an explanation of how you plan to use it in actual peer education activities. Limited copies are available, and will be mailed to those in the best position to apply it to their programmes. Please send all requests to along with the following information: description of how you plan to use this resource; name and title; organisation; mailing address; telephone number; and email.
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Email from David Hock to The Communication Initiative, March 2 2006.