The Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) is a policy-making body that provides leadership in the coordination of HIV/AIDS-related programmes and activities in Ghana through public awareness campaigns, advocacy, joint planning, monitoring and evaluation for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS. A key strategy is developing posters that are designed to engage young people through sports figures and other familiar images designed to change discriminatory attitudes toward people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) and to stimulate anti-AIDS action.
Communication Strategies: 

The roles and functions of the GAC are to formulate national policies and strategies and establish programme priorities relating to HIV/AIDS, in an effort to:

  • provide high-level advocacy for HIV/AIDS prevention and control
  • provide effective leadership in national planning and supervision
  • expand and coordinate the total national response to HIV/AIDS
  • mobilise, control and manage resources and monitor their allocation and utilisation
  • foster linkages among all stakeholders
  • promote research, information and documentation on HIV/AIDS
  • monitor and evaluate all ongoing HIV/AIDS activities.

To highlight one example, the GAC has developed different poster campaigns aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS, such as:

  • Make Me Part of Your World - aims to foster a sense of compassion and tolerance toward PLWHAs. The poster calls on people to reach out and include those with HIV in their lives.
  • Rights of PLWHAs are Your Rights - focuses on the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. It emphasises that PLWHAs have the same human rights as other members of society. The campaign aims to combat fear, prejudice and the sense of stigma that many PLWHAs are made to feel.
  • I Want to be part of the Game - addresses young people. The campaign highlights the exclusion often felt by people living with HIV/AIDS. The organisers believe that prejudice from society often forces people with HIV to hide their status from friends and family, and they find themselves unable to ask for support. The campaign aims to encourage young people to reach out to friends and family with the virus.
  • Knock HIV/AIDS out of Ghana - one of a series of sports-related images designed to reach young people throughout Ghana. The poster features a boxer, using the metaphor of fighting to encourage young people is to get actively involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  • Run Away from HIV/AIDS - uses the image of the runner taking off. It conveys several messages to youth; among them: stay healthy and look after your body, and 'Run Away from HIV/AIDS'. The campaign informs young people that they can stay clear of the HIV virus through abstinence, safe sex (condom use every time they have sex), and faithfulness to their partner.
  • Kick Against HIV/AIDS - uses the image of a footballer to address young people and encourage them to get involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS - whether in school, sports clubs, or in the community.
Development Issues: 

HIV/AIDS, Rights, Youth.

Partner Text: 

Government Ministries, British Department for International Development, Canadian International Development Agency, Danish International Development Assistance, Japan International Cooperation Agency, The Royal Netherlands Embassy, The United States Agency for International Development, International Labour Organisation, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Population Fund, World Bank, World Food Programme, World Health Organisation, Action Aid, Care International Ghana, Christian Health Association of Ghana, Family Health International, Ghana HIV/AIDS Network, Ghana Red Cross Society, Ghana Registered Midwives Association, John Hopkins University Center for Communication Programmes, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, Policy Project, Prolink, Salvation Army, Save the Children, UK, West African Aids Foundation, Wisdom Association.