Conceptual Framework for Adoption of a Family Planning Method

Assess perceptions of personal risk/benefit
Assess perceptions of community norms

"This framework can be adopted to fit other health behaviors in addition to the adoption of a FP method. The variables in this framework can be analyzed in different ways to measure changes at the individual, programme, and outcome levels. It is important to note that the audience's process of weighing the personal risks and benefits of adopting the behavior and the audience's perception of community norms impact an individual's decision whether to pursue the proposed behavior change..."

O'Sullivan, G.A., Yonkler, J.A., Morgan, W., and Merritt, A.P. A Field Guide to Designing a Health Communication Strategy [PDF], Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Communication Programs, March 2003 - page 208.

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i find this framework very interesting.However,I amlookingfor a specific framework about male involvement in family planning and fertility preferences. Can you provide me one. (

What about a conceptual framwork for a good communication between Doctors and Nurses in obtaining informed consent