Indigenous Communication and Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Communication includes the transmission of entertainment, news, persuasion, announcements, and social exchanges of every type - it is an important aspect of culture and the means by which a culture is preserved, handed down, and adapted.

Exogenous communication includes mass media, schools, agricultural extension, bureaucracies.

1. Indigenous communication has value in it's own right
2. Exogenous channels have limited range
3. Indigenous channels have high credibility
4. Development programmes can use indigenous communication to collect and disseminate information
5. Indigenous channels offer opportunities for participation by local people
6. If indigenous communication is ignored, the result may be inappropriate development efforts

"Indigenous Communication and Indigenous Knowledge" by P. Mundy and J. Lin Compton - Development Communication Report, no. 74 1991/3 - page 4.

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yes, becuse i am working on ik and the tribals in kerala, a south india state in india

gives good description of indigenous and exogenous knowledge

i really wanted to know more about indigenous communication, because im doing my thesis entitled, Usefulness of Indigenous Communication Media in Disseminating Development Issues among Isnegs (Indigenous Peoples) in Dumalneg, Ilocos Norte: A Case Study. Hope to have more references about this topic. I really wanted to see more about this. Please help me for this. Thank you so much, and I will look forward. God bless!