Radio Galkayo is a community radio station which seeks to promote ideas of peace, love, labour, and development in Somalia. This station was started in 1993, during the 1991 to 1996 civil war, when a group of young people, some older members of the community, and a few intellectuals came together in Galkayo to advanced the idea of a radio station for peace.
Communication Strategies: 

Radio Galkayo is run by Somali volunteers and works to serve as a catalyst to mobilise and raise awareness of young people in Somalia for peaceful co-existence, democracy, and social reintegration following the end of the civil war in 1993. It also undertakes diverse awareness-raising programmes around such issues as community mobilisation, peace building, and protection from HIV/AIDS. According to the organisers, Radio Galkayo broadcasts its programmes through both FM and short wave channels, which cover most of the rural and urban areas of the country. Radio Galkayo is also working to increase its scope and reach-out to the Somali diaspora through the internet.

The radio station also helped with the establishment of the Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development (GECPD). This organisation operates to reinforce the ability of women to defend their fundamental rights. There is also the Y Foundation, a local non-governmental organisation that contributes to conflict resolution programmes, urban planning, and health education, and encourages community participation in the development of local projects.

Other activities that Radio Galkayo are involved in include:

  • holding staff training workshops on basic journalism and report writing;
  • holding training on peace building, human rights, and good governance for partners’ producers;
  • designing, creating, and broadcasting radio peace building productions; and
  • sending radio producers to villages and rural areas for reporting, evaluation, and gathering information.
Development Issues: 


Key Points: 

According to the organisers, Radio Galkayo is the only community radio based in Somalia. It was inspired by the experience of Somali Diaspora in Australia in 1993 to support peace development and strengthen the success of the June 1993 peace agreement which resulted in the peaceful settlement of communities in Galkayo. Radio Galkayo had been operating five years prior to the formation of the regional Autonomy of Puntland in 1998.

According to an assessment conducted by Health Unlimited in 2005, Radio Galkayo has attracted over 5 million listeners countrywide. The growth of Radio Galkayo has witnessed an opportunity for its staff to learn by doing and to develop a solid constituency. The radio has established relationship with local and international organisations.

Partner Text: 

Oxfam-Quebec, Oxfam Canada, Care, and USAID.


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