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Publication Date: 
March 1, 2001

This manual is part of a Gender Sensitive Training Package that was produced as a training component of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s Media Development Project in Mozambique. The overall objective of the UNESCO project is to strengthen the human and technical capacity of the media - especially the independent and private media - in Mozambique as part of the process of enhancing democracy, good governance, and human rights in the country while promoting professionalism and editorial independence.

This training package addresses one aspect of this process: ensuring the furtherance of more gender-sensitive media reporting to enhance social change in Mozambique and other parts of southern Africa. It includes teaching activities, notes, and ideas for practical exercises, as well as suggestions for additional reading materials. The manual is structured for an eight-day course, each day focusing on a specific subject area, including: patriarchy, concepts of gender, customs and tradition, gender division of labour in the media, and gender-sensitive reporting.

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